Subject access request form regarding your personal data at 1984 ehf.

According to the new data protection regulation from the EU you have the right to know which information we have about you, get a copy of them, have them changed or have them erased if there are no legal or other reasons that prevent those actions.

For us to process your request in accordance with GDPR we will need:

  1. your email address that you set your account up with

  2. the service we provide you with

  3. what information are you seeking

  4. how you would like us to be in touch with you

For us to be able to verify your identity, we will call you with the information you put into our customer management system.

If you have a request please send the above information to or if you have further questions please get in touch here  

You can also send the information and send it by mail to:

1984 ehf

P.O BOX 126

121 Reykjavík

On behalf of 1984 ehf,

Mordur Ingolfss & the 1984 team